Get Ranch-ed!

Experience an authentic sneak peek into the life of the ranchers of the wild west country side only at Game Ranch, Powai & Malad. Indulge in authentic South American, Texas and Mexican cuisine with flavoursome food options and heavenly cocktails. From Chicago-style Deep Pizzas to Charcoal Tacos to Messy Rancher’s Meaty Platters, get ranch-ed with your taste palate! Gather your herd to revel in our bestseller and Ranch special Chicken Burgers, Chef Signature bowls and fun fusion cocktails.

Come & Experiences our best of world class cuisine



Goals & Vision

Our mission is to provide guests a raw experience into the life of the wild west ranchers. The country side themed resto lounge is designed for everyone looking to encounter the life of an action packed rancher along with an expansive array of delectable food offerings inspired from the authentic cuisine of Texas, South America and Mexico.

The Game Ranch experience is here to give you rustic Texan vibes, experiential countryside gaming and make you feel like the Chief Cowboy or Cowgirl. Get bowled over with a striking ambience and delicious food!